Marketing and advertising on Facebook, why and how to put your ad?

The key to marketing on Facebook and to place advertising ads that give results, is to analyze and plan a strategy that guarantees reaching, attracting and retaining quality users and customers.

Facebook Marketing is in a continuous search process where many processes are automated and content with much more value is generated.


Social dynamics do not stop, nor does it have a simple reason to do so. This is what we call social marketing and it is based on interactions that in turn fit the needs that users demonstrate in their expressions and searches on social networks.

A content, not only nourishes and becomes a mechanism to generate traffic, but allows to manage a community when you have the right strategy around marketing on Facebook , a new trend that is currently positioned systematically through the method and Successful technique, where you should think of a dichotomy that guides us today to the recognition of a brand and growth of a business.

That is why, talking about the need to have a Web page to generate economic income no longer seems an urgent need when there are social networks as alternative platforms to generate traffic and start business growth in terms of financial freedom that Many seek. That’s where we talk about the enormous potential of Facebook to help your company .

Of course, if a strategy focused on making the social through a perception regarding marketing on Facebook, there will be nothing more than a series of empty campaigns that possibly end up generating traffic without interactions, without actions and above all, without generating transmission of knowledge and emotions focused on what the user is looking for.

Why do marketing and advertising on Facebook?

At Xplora we always recommend almost any company that should have a Facebook page, but did you know that Facebook generates more advertising revenue than any of the other social networks? Despite this, advertising on this social network is not a guaranteed guarantee of success and must be carefully analyzed and planned with “a lot of strategy” to ensure excellent results for the advertiser.

That is why I consider it crucial that you know all the details of Facebook, as an advertising platform, before valuing to advertise on this social network and the strategy to follow:

  1. There are more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook. Which also means that you will have more competition than ever when positioning yourself in the market and in that social network, and that you can only achieve with attractive ads and quality content.
  2. More than 700 million users visit Facebook via mobile phone every day, and growing. Are you going to ignore the opportunity it represents? We are talking about a huge potential client niche that you can only access and benefit from with personalized ads and an adaptable / responsive web page to mobile devices . In addition, Facebook users via mobile phones are much more active and receptive to advertising, than users via computer, and a clear example of this is the fact that 66% of Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile users.
  3. Facebook users are very active consumers, who during the second half of 2014 consumed $ 234 million in goods and gifts. Are you going to let them go? Surely your competition will not … 🙂
  4. If you correctly customize the public orientation of your ads on Facebook, you will achieve that with less investment you will obtain greater results: the average cost per click will be 14% cheaper, and the cost per conversion 64% cheaper.
  5. 21% of fans of your page on Facebook (depending on the sector) want to know your product and have real purchase intent. Use your page to make them understand your company, range of products or services, and speak directly with your potential clients to answer all their questions or work on the company’s image.
  6. Really active companies on Facebook get 3.5 times more interactions with users, and of greater value, than those that are not active. Have an open communication with your fans, constant and answer your questions quickly.
  7. 41% of your Facebook page fans really want to receive frequent news about your company and this data is real. Take advantage of this fact by making your space on Facebook a direct and active communication channel.
  8. Facebook increases the visibility of the last 50 pages of Facebook with which the user has interacted, showing the news of those pages in the “Latest news” block of the user. Another reason for the importance of publishing news of your company on Facebook with some frequency and to be one of those 50 pages.
  9. Around 75% of the total participation, which receives an update, is obtained in the first 5 hours after its publication. That’s why strategic planning is so important based on when your audience is most active. A few days ago we published an article about when we should publish on social networks like Facebook .
  10. Messages with emoticons receive more participation. Using Facebook emoticons we humanize the company and with that we achieve 57% more “Like”, 33% more Actions and 33% more Comments.
  11. Facebook gives more priority and presence to videos hosted on its servers. If you are going to make an update with video, even if it is on YouTube, it is recommended that you copy it on the Facebook server to increase the presence of the update in the “Latest news” block of users! negligible!
  12. The reproductions of videos on Facebook have increased by 758% compared to last year, probably thanks to the automatic playback function of Facebook. Whatever it is, take advantage!
  13. Asking a suggestive question at the end of your post achieves 100% more comments, since you make your message more interactive and inviting users to participate in a conversation with your company.
  14. 35% of Facebook users have become fans of a page to compete in a contest. The contests is a fantastic resource to quickly grow the followers of a page on Facebook and the key is to offer attractive and quality content so that, once finished in the contest, the followers “stay” on your page.
  15. 70% of Facebook users are following a local business. Having a small and local business is no excuse for not working seriously with Facebook. The opportunities for “the little one” are enormous!
  16. There are already more than 40 million active pages on Facebook for small businesses. Facebook offers very interesting options to local businesses with a very cheap budget to reach nearby customers.
  17. One in four people who use Facebook to write questions or complaints to a company expects an answer within the hour.
  18. Ads based on a price per click, as Facebook offers, are increasing 70% over the previous year, and the rates of ads per click increase 160%.
  19. 78% of consumers have interacted with the brand before buying their products or services.
  20. Short messages (limited to 250 characters or less) receive 60% more participation.
  21. Friday is the best day to post updates since on average it is when users are more active on social networks.
  22. The photographs represent 93% of user activity on Facebook. Messages with photographs get 53% more “Like”, 104% more Comments and 84% more Clicks, than text-only messages. Post personal photos of the brand, in high resolution and powerful.

Advertising on Facebook, through Facebook Ads , is within the design of any company’s Internet campaign. And reasons, as you have seen, are not lacking. The key now is to analyze and plan ads that guarantee to reach, attract and retain quality users and potential customers of your company. For this we recommend you contact technical and creative people specializing in Facebook advertising campaigns, can we help you?

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How to do marketing and advertising on Facebook?


Ask yourself what your business goals are in the social network of Facebook

How to choose in which social networks to advertise for my business? Why do we want to design an advertising strategy on Facebook to bring traffic to a fan page , increase the followers of an account, promote a publication or simply increase the recognition of a brand?

These are questions that do not arise from the firm desire to indicate fear or insecurity, but instead guide us as a basis as to why we look for on Facebook those that other platforms and media do not allow. It is to understand ourselves as merchants, creators of content, but above all how the social media and its factors are understood.

If your goal to generate content and traffic on Facebook are commercials, there are other factors that must be taken into account to make a group of users or visitors, a community that interacts and lives on the content that is generated.

Analyze if doing marketing and advertising on Facebook will help you achieve those goals

Strategies, general ideas, methods and techniques. Yes, all that allows us to run an advertising campaign, but there is still no concept that is dedicated to giving you the identity that Facebook marketing requires.

The marketing on Facebook we will define as the whole set of steps to generate traffic on Facebook , as an independent channel and above all, with a very particular personality in terms of the type of social network it is. In this way, content marketing , visual techniques or interactions with users, occurs as the frequency that will give visibility to a brand or idea that needs traffic to generate actions.

We configure what is a digital advertising and marketing strategy for Facebook because we may not have the means to manage a strategy from a Blog or a social network. And if we have the medium, and we have decided to advocate for Facebook, then we must understand that this social network is a complete world where the contents need interactions to be measured. The positioning does not occur due to technical issues that are registered in a Facebook advertising campaign, but because of the ability to generate valuable content when published .

Define your market commercially on the Internet and on Facebook

Just before starting a business on Facebook, or starting a campaign with advertising ads to increase the visibility of a brand, it is fair and necessary to recognize the market or niche we want to attack, recognition of its virtues, characteristics and particularities from a social sphere in reality, and social in the internet world.

In this way, by defining the market in which we seek to position ourselves, we can identify who the competition is and how it is developing a Facebook marketing process based on the collection of some variables that this time, we will not let escape Under no criteria.

Defining the market delimits us in terms of strategy, because in this way the techniques and methods to be used below will focus on what is presented in the market, so that the target will not receive content that is not related to the context in which these unfold within the social traffic channels.

Create a target Facebook user profile

Without analysis, interpretation of manifestations by users, there is nothing in advertising and marketing on Facebook. These needs are contemplated in the following traits to analyze

List what interests your target user has

On Facebook, interests are defined as user expressions in tastes and ideas regarding fan page or “like” pages on the social network. It is for these interests that it is evident how a market is maintained and how it is managed, so that by knowing the interests, we can determine the direction to be taken by our Facebook marketing strategy, since it is necessary to identify the interests that are they relate to our brand or advertising campaign, because there we will discover the target so vigorous.

Segment your marketing and advertising strategy based on demographic data

Countries, region or city. Segmented said identity based on age, and gender to define the demographic characteristics of our target audience, which allows us to know who the action offer is aimed at in the Facebook advertising campaign. In this way, the ages that are not ideal are discarded and it is correct to connect the brand or product depending on the type of public preferred to carry out the dissemination in the social network.

By way of guidance, I indicate the profile of the average Facebook user through this Zoomlabs infographic :


Even when conducting a marketing campaign on Facebook, we determine the social conditions of our target represented on social networks, because it is the social context that really determines the success of our advertising campaign on Facebook, because this social channel is a way of perceive what the online world is in terms of interactions and actions.

Choose from the 6 types of content to generate interactions

The contents are everything in social networks, since they allow users to make important decisions based on interactions, so getting the content right, is to do it in turn with the type of audience that is sought to capture.


From the first thing that users observe because it records the written discourse, and therefore all ideas are focused on transmitting in a written way with social states, which in turn are identified as sensitive since they are ways of free expression. It is this section where the copies , or writings, acquire greater visibility and become calls to action that guide the user to register actions with respect to a brand or product


Visually, the images on Facebook have acquired a special focus in terms of being hook-up generators and guiding promotions and special events. The images are the vision of a graphic design that is positioned in importance due to the creativity that allows to represent an image in the marketing and advertising by Facebook.


Facebook has become in the last two years one of the direct competitors of YouTube, the leading company in the storage and reproduction of all types of videos. Due to the fact that videos are talked about, this does not mean that they generate a greater hook with respect to the images, because depending on the niche and type of event or action to look for, then the investment in an image or video will be influential.

Facebook Live

One of the latest innovations in terms of what is the marketing on Facebook is the live broadcast, and it is widely used in promotional campaigns to convey the confidence that many times a state or an image does not achieve. It is in this trust where purchases are calculated, records are generated and the offers or links that lead to it are clicked.



Recurring to replace the content shown in a state, or to combine it with content that directs towards these links that seek to redirect an offer, an advertising campaign or simply a valuable content that has meaning for users.

How to make the best advertising ad on Facebook?

One of the fastest and most effective ways to make Facebook marketing a much more systematized strategy is the use of Facebook ads to pay for ads, where depending on the clicks received and the bid that is made as an investment, it will be given visibility to selected advertising ads with which we seek to generate traffic and interactions.

This is in itself a privilege that Facebook grants to advertisers to appear with visibility in the profiles of that which is your ideal target, or at least the one that has been identified as the ideal audience for what is sought in the brand.

In this way, it will be possible to understand that everything we have dealt with regarding the arguments of why a marketing and advertising campaign on Facebook, the channels that serve it and the different ways of attracting traffic, are summarized in the ads as projects in which we manage the acquisition of traffic with respect to a campaign, brand product or promotion that seeks to generate interactions.

The text (Copy)

We understand it as the state or that space in which the written discourse is constituted, and therefore the action call will be structured based on a direct, sincere and, above all, creative message in terms of writing and how to publicize an idea or Message through the word. The copy, as a recommendation, should not be extensive and depending on the latest hitching techniques add what they are.

Image or video?

An eternal debate among marketing experts on Facebook, as it always generates its controversy.

An image continues to call the action based on how creative it is, without adjusting to this model where the images are overloaded.

But a video in a matter of less than a minute may well convey an entire idea in a quality that an image does not have, because it needs to rely on what the copy is.

Action Call (CTA)

One of the most important aspects in developing a marketing strategy integrated with advertising on Facebook, since this is placed in the ads in a creative way, and we can always find it below the image.

Your text moves, the image hooks and your call to action converts, so you should not make a short, creative and above all, that encourages the interaction between the user and the ad.

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Where does marketing and advertising go on Facebook?

We definitely do not have the answer, and it is not something that worries us when we are still in a redesign of what we know as marketing, so it is important to note that today, Facebook marketing is in a continuous search process where you automate many processes and generate content with much more value to generate conversions that are based on faithful and quality communities for being an educated traffic to generate actions regarding the positioning of a brand through social networks, being in this case Facebook our object study.

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