The Five Most popular African-american Clothing Styles for Men

African-american clothing styles for men attended a long way and have evolved from traditions dating back generations ago. There is a wide selection of fashionable clothing for African-american men, that comes in various colours, design, materials, and styles. These clothing styles are usually designed to correspond to various functions and occasions ny caps.

Here are the top five African-american clothing styles for men:


Arguably, Kente is the best known and the most celebrated of all African-american clothing styles. It is considered as the embodiment of the African-american heritage that is known all over the world. Traditionally, Kente is made from African-american man made fibre caused by the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana. This African-american design for men, dating back almost 400 years ago, is intended to be worn only by kings and chiefs. The geometric pattern, colour and design of the part of Kente come with specific meanings. Aside from making a statement, it also embodies the creativity, life experiences, spiritual beliefs, cultural heritage, and family brand of the individual.

The Grand Boubou

The Grand Boubou is the definition of African-american masculinity. This four-piece garment for men is a brilliant part of clothing is a popular African-american attire for men, homemade only by the most skilful tailors. The entire ensemble would include jeans, top, Boubou outer garment, and Kufi hat. The grand Boubou, originally manufactured in Ghana and Gambia, comes with diligently stitched gold patterns that would normally take several weeks to complete.


Generally made from African-american print, lace, man made fibre, brocade, suiting or cotton fabrics, Dashikis is either loose-fitting or tailored shirt, often in the V-shape neckline. This fine part of African-american clothing style for men comes with simple or elaborate adornments patterns, especially along the sleeve, chest and necklines. Modern dashikis come in various designs and patterns; however, the traditional look is well preserved. Now and again, the shapes of Dashiki necklines vary in many shapes and forms, such as sq, round or closed necklines. Although Dashikis are generally worn in Western side Photography equipment, this clothing style for men is also becoming popular in other regions of Photography equipment.

Brocade Suits

Brocade Suits, often comes with gold embellishment, is one of the most invigorating African-american clothing styles for men. This bold, brocade pant set made from luxurious cotton brocade fabric, means the African-american roots of the individual. This fine part of clothing becomes even more sophisticated because of the detailed adornments, throughout the fabric.


This traditional African-american clothing style is trusted in Nigeria. Yoruba clothes are called by different names, depending on the particular style or design. It is called Agbada, as a four-piece apparel consisting of a hat, Buba, stitched jeans, and a flowing Agbada. Sometimes, it is also considered as African-american Bariga, an apparel that is made up of a long sleeved shirt, a hat, and stitched jeans, and a flowing Buba.

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