The importance of fog lights: having them and knowing how to use them

Today I want to talk about the type of light, or headlight, probably less appreciated than everyone who equips a car. We could say that the front fog lamps are neither there nor expected. They are not mandatory, so many times a car does not bring them, especially if it is a basic version of an affordable price, leaving them just as an optional equipment or for the better equipped versions, and more expensive, of course.

In fact right now I could give some example of cars that don’t even ride it as an option. Well gentlemen: bad, very bad. ┬áLED Fog lights are useful, necessary and cannot be replaced by a more modern headlight, either xenon or LED. I say this because I know some car that when mounting Xenon headlights, incomprehensibly disregarded the fog lights.

Obviously: fog lights are designed specifically for fog

The low beam or low beam of halogen headlights does not replace the light of the fog lamps, nor does it replace the low beam of a xenon headlight, or of a LED headlight, however superior the beam of light they project these technologies If there is fog we would turn on the low beam, but we will not have the same quality of lighting as if we also had fog light.

Fog is a meteorological phenomenon that involves the suspension of very fine drops of water in the air , normally due to high humidity and a cold ambient temperature. In other words, it is a low cloud at ground level.

And another obvious, the fog hinders visibility because our eyes have to see through that infinity of tiny drops of water. And the same happens when there is heavy rain, in this case there are still raindrops, larger, of course, between our eyes and what we want to see.

Well, to try to see and see us a little better, engineers long ago began to think about what kind of lighthouse and light they could do, thinking that their beam would pass through these drops of water in suspension, and illuminate a little Better the road. And so the fog lights were created.

Both the lamp and the lighthouse itself (the reflector that shapes and projects the light beam), are designed so that the light beam crosses the fog a little more, and illuminates the lane a little better . This beam of light is more intense than that of the dipped beam, but it is also oriented somewhat lower and wider.

Years ago I attended a laboratory demonstration of several lighthouses going through an artificial fog (sprayed with very fine water) to evaluate how different lamp and headlamp designs could pass through the fog a little better or a little worse.

So although the fog is not a phenomenon that we meet every day on the road, and although it will depend more on the area in which we live, the wetter and colder areas or by the sea usually have more foggy days than the areas Warm and dry, the fog lights are very useful. Buy LED Fog Lights from Trimspk.

Another obvious: fog lights are for foggy weather

Well, if we already have front fog lights in our car, let’s not forget when to use them . The light of the fog lights, when there is neither fog nor rain, is quite dazzling, so if we carry them on we are disturbing, and even putting other drivers in a hurry, which can remain without visibility for a few seconds due to the glare produced , with the security risk that this entails.

The front fog light comes on only in three cases: first, that there is fog, and all the more this is thicker, second when there is heavy rain, it is snowing or there are clouds of dust or smoke, third, if it circulates at night through a narrow road, with low visibility curves (with the corresponding signal of dangerous curves), the fog lights can be turned on.

When there is no fog, no rain, no snowing or a cloud of dust or smoke, the fog lamp must be turned off, first the rear, as soon as the density decreases, and then the front. It is an act that our brain has to do automatically, just as we put or remove the long-range lights on the road, depending on whether or not we cross another vehicle.


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