Types of Wood Used for Making Furniture

Experts often say that the quality, style and life of wooden furniture pieces usually decreases or increases dramatically because of the type or variety of wood used in its manufacture. In most cases, the customer is unaware of the type of wood that has been used for the making of a particular furniture piece. bàn ghế sofa gỗ óc chó They are also ignorant about whether the wood used is of the correct quality, unless of course, the wood is meshed and handmade. Several wooden furniture manufacturers, however, divulge to the customer about the type of wood used. They also give information about additional options.

Sheesham is one of the most popular woods used in the making of wooden furniture. It’s a wood and also strong also. Indian wooden furniture manufacturers maintain by the wood. Sheesham is usually the chosen wood among the aristocrat and wealthy. Besides, those who have a basic knowledge about the various types of wood available and their appropriate usage, would vouch by sheesham. The wood comes without any stains and is a very close competition to mahogany and walnut with regard to durability and looks.

Teak and rosewood are the two best competitors of sheesham. Both these types of wood are very durable and known for their firmness. They are widespread in making different kinds of furniture like beds, cupboards, shower tables etc. They are also used for making settees, dining tables, furniture accessories, side tables etc.

The third most common wood in mango wood. You can still have durable furniture, like teak and rosewood, even if you use mango wood. It’s cheaper but possesses the same elegance and style. If you want wooden furniture that smells like the ones found in palaces and ft the acacia would be a very good choice. Indian wooden furniture manufacturers use with wood widely.

Mango wood is also a superb choice for using in various other household items. Common furniture pieces in your living room and bedroom like the TV cabinet, Cd and dvd cabinet, book holders, storage etc. can be made from mango wood. Most people, these days, don’t want to waste even the minimum of wood. But even then, some wastage is likely to happen while making the furniture. Hence, people are increasingly opting for mango wood and it’s being considered as a worthy substitute to the other expensive types.

Lately, various new kinds of wood have started flooding the markets. Some wooden furniture pieces today will be constructed from hybrid wood. This type of wood is made from a fine mesh of two or more woods. Besides, plywood and particle board wood has also made its entry. They are being increasingly used in the manufacture of furniture and other items. A big reason for their popularity is the high price of conventional wood. Moreover, most governments have implemented tough laws to preserve forest resources. There’s big control nowadays on the felling of timber.

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